About Us

When it comes to trying to come up with some unique and fun for the holidays you might get stumped but luckily you stumbled across ldadivetravel.com based in Singapore with many years of experience in the industry, and your one stop booking platform for Scuba Diving fun all around the world! Don't just take any holiday trip, try something different and work with us to book and compare between MANY hundreds of Liveaboards, Dive Resorts, and Dive centres worldwide. You can experience the world in a whole new way and get only the best deals going through our website for comparison! We have a passion for Scuba Diving and we hope that utilizing our website we can grow yours and make you realize just what you've been missing out on all your life!
Whether you want to swim with the Jellyfish in Palau, or enjoy your time on a bautiful beach in the Maldives, LDA Travel gives you the option to do that and so much more. Unlike most other travel websites out there, we make sure that you're being compared to all the best deals around the world and we work hard to snag you that good deal at a great savings and in turn, put a smile on your face. Deals are important and as a company with work experience in the scuba diving industry and been travelling for many years ourselves, we know we'll get you only the best locations and the best pricing that you can possibly get and save you the hassle.
We know the importance of a happy customer so we make sure that our website runs as well it can and that we help keep our offers fresh and up to date to make sure you get the deals when they're happening! With our travel booking website for Scuba Diving, we make sure to keep only all the still active orders going on and will never put you at risk of getting your hopes up only to find out the offer is no longer available. We would not want to see the frustration you would get from experiencing since a travesty so that is the motivation in regards to why we'll do our best to keep our website as up to date as possible!
If you're looking for more information about our travel agency, have questions about what we may be offering in the future, or just any other things that come to mind feel free to ask. We make sure to do our best to get back to all your inquiries no matter how big or small they may be in a very timely and professional manner and to the best of our ability to make sure you get the answer you're looking for. Thanks for taking a bit of time to learn about who we are, what we do, and we look forward to being your ideal booking solution for all yours Scuba Diving Holidays now and for many years to come!

The Team

  • Joey Sim

    Joey Sim


    Joey Sim is a passionate scuba diver from Singapore with long experience in traveling and diving around the world. Her love for the underwater world and travel inspired her to create LDA Dive Travel and help divers book their hassle free dream holidays.

  • Dimitar Iliev

    Dimitar Iliev


    Dimitar Iliev (Dima) is а dive instructor with experience working on Liveaboards, Resorts and Dive Centers around the globe. His love for diving and travel inspired him to create LDA Dive Travel.

  • Tsvetan Meglenchev

    Tsvetan Meglenchev


    Tsvetan Meglenchev is a web designer, scuba diver and traveler who designed LDA Dive Travel.